Aftermarket versus Original Equipment Manufacture Windscreens

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Motorists that are looking for what is regarded as a ‘high quality’ windscreen replacement should understand that there are many simularities between the various types of windscreens. We often hear how Original Equipment Manufacturer glass (OEM) or dealer part windscreens are superior to aftermarket glass, but this is not the case. If you were to purchase a windscreen from an authorised main dealer the glass markings will bear the mark of the dealer i.e Audi, BMW, VW or Mercedes plus the glass manufacturers name, such as Pilkington, Saint Gobain or Sekurit. But we can purchase the exact same glass from our glass suppliers these windscreens will be exactly the same, minus the dealer stamp.

There have been occasions in the past when we have purchased a BMW windscreen from our suppliers and it was actually a dealer part windscreen, but the dealers stamp had been sand blasted off and poilshed up.

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