There are many owners that have a Renault Clio sunroof  with a water leak or rattle, most of you will be in a situation where you can’t find anybody to repair the problem apart from your local main agent who will charge you a small fortune.There are some owners that have sold the vehicle due to the problem as its so hard to find the solution. If you are an owner of  a MK2 Renault Clio that has a sunroof which has water ingress into the vehicle we can help !
You can contact us via email on the contact us page or  Call 01322802040 or 07990738926

Take a look at the headlining where the sun visors are if it’s the sunroof leaking there will be water stains around that area.
We reseal Renault Clio sunroofs on a regular basis so don’t worry we can cure your problem !


Renault Clio sunroof repair and reseal to stop water ingress into the vehicle causing water damage to the headlining.


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